Nura Qureshi


The origin of Covid-19 in China reinforces existing prejudices and racism against Asians. InSight explores the individual yet universal stories of women who are seen as Asian.

“When I heard about the racist incidents against Asian looking people I always thought right away of my two daughters and was afraid that they would experience something so bad. At the same time I found myself kind of glad that they apparently don’t look that “Asian” in hopes that they’ll be spared the racism.” – Janna

“At the height of the pandemic, the resentment intensified, like a fire that cannot be put out, and I could no longer ignore the hostility. I was absolutely terrified; many Asian people have been attacked all over Europe and sometimes I wish I could just hide my face behind a mask and sunglasses. Humans are susceptible to social influence, we are quick to judge and slow to understand. I had never felt so scared to leave my house.”   -Wéko Tsai