Kathrin Tschirner


Kurfürstenstaße has been known for street sex work for over a century. Due to the pandemic and the ban on sexual services, women working there were suddenly deprived of the opportunity to earn money. As a result many get pushed into less visible spaces and away from supportive institutions.


“Corona has not changed much but made things a little worse.
Everyone is always afraid now. You can see it on the street. I have been vaccinated twice.
I was afraid of getting sick. I earned much less money.
It has been so long since I saw my family that I cannot remember. If everything was possible, I would like to be with God.”

“Depression. This sadness and then also the post-traumatic stress disorder from a murder attempt many years ago. I am afraid for the children who suffer violence intimes of Covid-19.”

“I got two vaccinations, otherwise everything has been the same, no change.

How I discribe myself? – I am healthy, live in Germany and have no money.
If everything was possible I would build a house and have my children live with me. I also need some furnishings. I would like to travel to Spain.”

“I tested positive and a man took care of me. Fewer drugs and I was happy. Only nice things happened because of Corona. I didn’t have to go to the streets, and I was saved. When you love, you can do anything.”

“Corona has caused distrust between people because we now have to keep a physical distance. I was afraid not to get the vaccination, but now I have gotten both my shots. Joy of more peace at work. If everything was possible, I would like to get well again, make other decisions in the past and decide without constraints.”

“Corona has changed many things. All life has stopped. No help from anywhere. I don’t get welfare and I’m not at the job center.
I am a good person, I have a good heart, I love people, but I suffer from my good intentions.”

“Corona had only positive effects on me. If everything was possible, I would move directly to Greece. My husband and my dog are the ones that make me happy.”

“Of course something has changed. I had never hoped to think I might be doing so well, and that I would be living in Germany. I am always seen with a smile. We prefer to be happy than sad. If everything was possible, I would like to be more like Angela Merkel.”