Exhibition Project

of 24 female photographers


Lueneburg, Campus Leuphana University, Opening 29.04.2022

Telliskivi Creative City, Tallinn, Estonia
Opening 26.05.2022, 4 pm

Bremen, City Center
Opening 18.08.2022

Past exhibitions:
Gallery wall Köpenicker Str. 70

Curator: Miriam Zlobinski

Women have been disproportionately affected by the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic: they have lost jobs and income, have had to step in to take on more child care duties during the daycare and school closures, and have carried a larger risk of infection due to their concentration in care professions. At the same time – because a crisis can also offer opportunities for change and new beginnings – the first lockdown was a precious moment of retreat and reflection for some. It was a time when our individual and communal understanding of work and social structures was renegotiated, and we questioned our roles within our local communities during this period of uncertainty. 

In the exhibition IN WAVES, 24 Berlin-based photographers from the #womenincovid project present personal, diverse and unique insights into the reality of women's lives during the pandemic.

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